Capacity building program on Life Skills @S.B.Model School, Rohtak

One day Capacity building program on Life Skills

As per the guidelines of CBSE, “One day Capacity building program on Life skills” was conducted at the school on 29 March, 2018. The resource person appointed for the training program was Dr. Anita Sharma, Principal, Delhi Public School, Bhiwani, Haryana

· Dr. Anita Sharma discussed several core life skills such as self-awareness, empathy, critical thinking, decision making, problem solving, creative thinking, interpersonal skills, communication skills etc. in a comprehensive and interactive manner. 

· She explained the importance of Life skills for students in a detailed fashion. She described how Life Skills promote self-confidence, enhance communication abilities, develop a positive attitude and improve academic performance in students. 

· Further, she suggested various ways to foster Life skills in students such as-

Creating a friendly, stimulating and supportive learning environment, promoting mutual respect and individual empowerment and more collaboration among teachers and students.


· Following techniques were proposed to enhance Life Skills in students- 

Discussion, Debate, Role Play, Brainstorming, Storytelling, Drama, Songs and Dances, Case studies, Miming, Poetry and recitals, Games etc.

· Various group activities were performed by the teachers during the training program making it more engaging and fun-filled. 

S.B.Model School is thankful to Dr. Anita Sharma for making the training program lively, interactive, captivating and full of learning. We look forward to such training programs by CBSE. 

HOuse Board Decoration


A board decoration activity was held at the school in which each house participated to decorate its board. Needless to say, this presented a perfect opportunity to the students to showcase their artwork, creativity, imagination and beautifully decorate the boards.


Bhumika, a student of Class 8th, wins Silver medal at CBSE Table Tennis championship held in Sonepat