Yoga @S.B.Model School, Rohtak


Yoga is often mistaken to be just a form of exercise. It is definitely more than that. It’s a practice that guides one to self-realization and helps connect to one’s inner self. It’s a path that leads to self-awareness. It promotes the physical, emotional and mental well being and helps in achieving equilibrium between body and mind. We believe that it is one of the best stress busters which brings calmness and discipline to students making them more focused and attentive which further leads to better results. 

  • It is an invaluable gift to humankind with numerous benefits and we put efforts in the direction that our students embrace Yoga as an essential part of their lives
  • Regular yoga classes are held on a daily basis for all the students. 
  • Our students have actively participated in various inter school competitions within and outside district bringing accolades to the school.